You’ll be spending a lot of your time working there, after all. Add in things that mean something to you such as picture frames, or maybe even a vase of flowers. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for even more home decor and DIY ideas. So above the floating shelf, we attached more of this beautiful fabric. We wanted to create a feature wall along this side of the room with the fabric. To finish off our floating shelf we placed a piece of molding along the front of the shelf and secured it to the shelf with brads.

making a closet into an office

Here are some tips and inspiration for creating a closet office in your own home. You’ll be glad you did further on because it can take care converting closet to office of all of your office supplies storage issues. Some shelf lights or under-cabinet lights might also help in illuminating your desk.

Add cabinets for extra concealed storage.

This is such a creative use of space, and it provides more desk surface. If you have a small closet but are hesitant to take the doors off, consider creating a desk that folds out at a ninety-degree angle like this. Here is where closet office ideas truly shine; these closets often have plenty of space for both clothes and a home office. It does take more planning to pull it off, but it’s worth the effort. Run your shelves high up against the wall and maximize as much vertical space as you possibly can.

making a closet into an office

Don’t forget about all the space under your desk; you could put filing cabinets, baskets, boxes, bins, and so much more in all that space. You can also add floating shelves anywhere you need — just follow this DIY tutorial. Cleats are installed on the 3 walls at the height we want our desk to sit.

Closet office ideas – 10 clever ways to create home working space

Wood elements like a floating shelf and a bench topper completed the project. Think shelving or cubbies above the desk to create storage and space for decorative accessories that make it a pleasant place to work. And there’s no reason not to own a cloffice that packs a decorative punch. Use color to transform the interior and make it an inspiring home office.

Traditional office chairs with wheels often take up too much space for a home office closet. With bulky castors and armrests, they’ll quickly become frustrating. To make sure you only fill the space you must, consider an armless office chair, or better yet, a chair without wheels at all. For major space-saving, you can even use a short barstool or an exercise ball (bonus points if you bounce while you work!). The most space-saving solution of all would be to mount your desktop as a standing desk, which gets rid of the chair completely.

Carve Out a Home Office Closet Corner

Or you may need to make some compromises for the sake of the bigger picture—you may still have to share the space with the winter coats, for example. Feel free to decorate it however you like, because ultimately, it’s all about what makes you happy. Designing your cloffice according to a theme or colour scheme can make the process way more enjoyable.

  • I went super minimal with my project, but you can go as crazy as you want with custom buildouts and decor.
  • All the cramming in the world won’t make the closet magically store both your clothes and your office in the same square feet.
  • Keep in mind that the new National Electrical Code requires that closet outlets be arc fault protected.
  • The custom built-in divider creates a desk on one side of the closet, while the other half has several storage cubbies and a space to hang clothing.
  • A reach-in closet design can also make a wonderful extension of your workspace.
  • A darker shade like navy blue contrasts beautifully with white and natural wood trim and makes the area appear deeper than it actually is.